Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bored as fuck.

I've had a blogspot for quite sometime now, but never really blogged anything because I always seemed to be too lazy. So, I guess I'll start now, although I have a boring ass life w/ nothing exciting to blog about, but whatever, I don't care. This just shows how much of a lowlife I really am. Anyways, I just watched Transformers, the first one, today. I know, right?! The movie came out in 2007 & I just watched it now?! Well, it's because I'm gonna go watch Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen tmrw w/ Sid ;) Hahaha! So, my plans for tmrw are to go to Regals & watch Transformers 2 & Idk what else we'll do afterwards. It's almost been a week of summer & not a lot happened. I just went to BC, gonna go to the movies tmrw, & cleaned out all my 8th grade stuff. So what is it that I do at home all day, you ask? Mostly, I Twitter (http://twitter.com/hilarylu) & watch YouTube videos & sometimes myspace, I guess. Dude, I'm so freaking lazy this summer it's not even funny + I'm always like super tired, I don't even know why, like seriously, I don't do anything. As of right now, not much plans/goals for the summer. Ohhh wait, one goal I have is to get lighter, skin wise. I really wanna be paler. & another thing, I really wanna go to a Jonas Brothers concert, for the JoBros + the Wonder Girls are opening up for them -- luccckkky! >;O Not only lucky for the Wonder Girls opening up for the JoBros, but also for the brothers to get to meet the Wonder Girls. Well, that's all for now. I was super bored, so decided to blog. Good night, although I'm not going to bed yet :)