Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So today, I was suppose to go to watch The Time Traveler's Wife & Bandslam +w/e other movies w/ Sid & DVarief, but Sisi couldn't go anymore cause of her mom :' ( But Vivian invited to go to the Block on Friday to watch moviesss & I wannawannawanna ^___^ +I'm gonna invite Sid&deeevi ; ) My movie budddz ! + I wanna go to BC tmrw w/ vvn &ppl, but I'm not sure if I can... I'll try, cause I'm craving some ! LOL =' ) Omffffg, on a completely different note... I think I'm in looove ! w/ Mr. Kwon Ji Yong's solo album, Heartbreaker, it's absolutely amazing & that boy seriously has some mad talent. Respect. +Big Bang's newest Japan album, My Heaven, is waaaaay kawaiiii. I less than 3 my boys :' ) Hahaha ! So yeeeah yeah, that's all for today, my peeepss. Niggght ^___^