Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nichkhun ;)

Today, Sid & I walked all the way over to Bolsa to pick up her registration papers, but then the office lady told her that she needed to sign out of Santiago first. Damn, what a waste of time ! & while we were walking, like on the sidewalks, along the busy streets, so much freaking honking, damn it ! -___- After all the walking, we went to Tasteas ! I haven't had boba in like months, literally ! It tasted sooooo eff'n good c(: Strawberry xstasy ftw! =) My casa was next ^___^ Hahah! Fucking Sisi, man ! =( She freaking showed me Nichkun & now I have a itty bitty crush on him ! He's a qqqqt3.14 ; ) Kekek! The other members were aights. Ok is kinda cute, I think it's just his height I'm attracted to - which is like a whole foot taller than me or b/c he's an awkward dancer/singer sometimes +he tries to act cute ALLLL the time =) LOL ! Sisi made me watch a bit of Wild Bunny & Idol Army ep & daaaamn, so freaking disturbing & creeepy ! :( +There was this weirdasss singer on Star King. I always have a fun/good time w/ Sid ! <3 Anyways... I was pisssssed today ! -.- So many eff'n hater cmnts on GD's Heartbreaker MV ! People are stupid & needa get their facts straight ! GD is freaking talented as fuck =' ) I guess that's all for tonight =)

P.S Uggghh, effffff SNSD -___-