Thursday, August 6, 2009


I went to the doctor's like @ 9 in the freaking morning :' ( It was just one of those every year, before school check ups w/ the peeing into a cup, shot, & everrrrything. Then after the doctors, me, my momma, & 2brudders went to take our passport pictures. Who the hell knew that you're suppose to show your ENTIRE face in the picture ?! =/ Ewww, I hate my picture ! I looked freaking horrendous b/c I had to clip up my bangssss -.- My dad said it was "nice." As iffff ! Anyways, then I ate a chicken sandwich from Carl's Jr. =) About 3 o'clock, my mom drove me over to Theresa's house ! ^____^ About 4 hours of talking :' D Hahaha ! We talked about a lot of stuff. Mostly, b/c I needed to unload all my feelings & what not. There were LOTSSSS more I needed to talk about, but I wasn't "in the moment" to go into deeper stuff. LOL ! Yup, so beginning half of the day was kinda lame w/ the doctor's & passport piccctures -___- Then it got better went I went to Theresa's house =' ) I'm super super super super super tired :' ( I only had like 5 hours of sleeeeep last night & that's a little bit compared to how much I would usually sleep. So yeah well,tooooodlez ^_____^